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Sinsational Features Star Search Contest

The Sinsational Features Star Search Contest is exciting, fun, and competitive! It is the newest and most affordable exotic dancer contest with great exposure for your venue and dancers. This contest is for non-feature entertainers from all over the country to come to your venue to compete for a chance to become one of Sinsational Features’ Up and Coming Stars! Who knows, your venue may have a future Sinsational Features Star!

This is normally booked as a three night event and can be booked on any nights that are best for your venue. It’s a nice bonus to see the club’s moral build up with all the excitement leading up to and being involved in such a fun and positive event.

From each contest, a Sinsational Features Star Search Overall Winner will be crowned, along with 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up. All three placements will receive trophies with the Overall Winner receiving a Crown and Pageant bouquet of roses. There are also other titles awarded such as: Prettiest Face; Best Butt; Best Breasts; Sexiest Legs; Hardest Body; Best Props; Best Costumes; Best Pole Performance; Best Show; Best Dancer; Audience Favorite; and Hottest Stage Personality. Winners of these titles also receive a trophy.

Your venue will be supplied with free advertisement promoting your club and the event; an MC to Host the event; professional industry photographers who will shoot event photos; judges who are current touring feature entertainers who will also perform their award winning shows each night of the event; and hotel accommodations for all contestants and industry professionals involved in the event.

*Keep in mind, this event can be tailored to fit your desires and needs for your particular venue.

The Sinsational Features Star Search Contest is the Perfect, No Hassle, Proven Successful, Club Promotion Event!

Email: sinsationalfeatures@hotmail.com or Call Today 570-371-1515 to Book a Sinsational Features Star Search Contest.