Blake Monroe


Blake Monroe is a scintillating performer enthusiastic about her performances and sur-passing her last accomplishments. She is driven, witty, creative, hardworking and striking. She has a love for health and fitness you can find her in the gym having fun and being a social butterfly. She has a passion for meeting new people and traveling.

Her skills comprise of several dance genres such as flow arts, ballet, aerial, burlesque, acrobatics, hip-hop, veil-fans, jazz, fireplay, and advance pole-dancing. She is infamous for having the best legs, taking the titles of Audience Favorite Miss Michigan Exotica 2016, Miss Nude World 2017 for 'best fire' from her memorable pyro show, Miss Burlesque United States 2017, Miss New World Newcomer of the Year 2017, EDI West runner-up 2017, Best Costume FDNC 2018, Best Legs FDNC 2018, and Best Costume EDI East 2018. Blake has also traveled internationally performing at Hedonism II 2018.

Blake spares no expense when it comes to the production of her shows. She has seven fully equipped, high-energy shows and varies characters she introduces to the audience. All of her costumes are designed by Jacqueline Laiberte (Jackie's). Blake describes her shows as sexy, intricate, and innovative. She is passionate about encouraging women to love themselves and their bodies; she believes naked-ness is beautiful. Her mantra is "if you feel strong, you think stronger, and when you feel a sense of accomplishment, your confidence is your shield of beauty."

Social Media

  • Instagram and Facebook: THE BLAKE MONROE