Chelsea Charms

183XXX - World's Largest Augmented Breasts

Credits and Titles

  • 183XXX - World's Largest Augmented Breasts
  • International Big Bust Entertainer and Model
  • She's been in all your favorite men's magazines, as well as mainstream. Including the covers of: Score, Stripper, Busty Beauties, Gent, Buxotica, and Best of Busty, featured also in Allure.
  • She's made many guest appearances, like the Love Doctor's, The Liz Wilde Show, The Playboy Channel, This Morning, Coffee Time, News 3 New Zealand, Explosiv, Close Up TV, POW News, ShowBiz News, and Show Nieuws.
  • She's also been chosen by controversial artist, Marc Quinn, to be featured as a life size marble sculpture in a touring exhibit alongside Pam Anderson and Michael Jackson.
  • You can find her all over the web, but most of all at her site: