DjOctobooty Daizha Morgann

Known for her world famous Anal Ring Toss show

Octobooty aka Daizha Morgann known for her world famous Anal Ring Toss shows in Las Vegas has now brought this excitement to the strip clubs.

Octobooty has had a solid cult following since she hit the scene with her tattoo of an Octopus coming out of her butt. That same loyal cult following that she calls her Octofam or Octoposse show up in every State she booked with tours dates usually set 1 year in advance.

Octobooty is a very busy girl not only being in a different strip club every weekend playing Anal Ring Toss with all the patrons that show up but also filming her own line of adult movies and becoming a well known music artist and DJ.

Now going as DjOctobooty she's performing in clubs, pool parties and private events throughout Las Vegas as well as DJing in a lot of the strip clubs that she’s featuring.

Highlights of a live Octobooty performance include: The entire club participating in the world famous Anal Ring Toss game. Free meet & greets at all of her shows, Including free pics with everyone that shows up, Free signed 8×10's and tons of Octobooty swag given out at every single show. Lucky fans get pulled on stage for lap dances.