Fantasy Freakshow

Industry's Most Hardcore and Cutting Edge Feature

The Industry's Most Hardcore and Cutting Edge Feature on the Circuit, Penny Poison, and International Sideshow Superstar, Little Person, Lil Miss Firefly, combine their Sword Swallowing Seduction with Circus Skills and Sideshow Stunts making their Duo Performance tantalizing and jaw dropping!!!

To see more pictures, go to their individual pages at: Penny Poison or Lil Miss Firefly


  • Walking on broken glass, glass eating, dancing and sliding on a bed of broken glass
  • Swallowing balloons
  • Escaping a straight-jacket live on stage
  • Swallowing swords, fire sword, and multiple swords
  • Eating fire, fire manipulation, fire spiting
  • Grinder sparks
  • Self-stapling
  • Ear Lift (Lifting chairs with ear lobes)
  • Hammering a nail into nose, or power drill, and mental floss
  • Dance, belly dance, burlesque, gogo dance